Waste Minimisation

What happens with our waste?

We support local with our General Waste PortaSkip’s going to the Bin Hire Co legends at Blackbridge Transfer station. Why there? They sort everything in an effort to reduce landfill, recycle, and reuse. It means an bit of extra driving at times, but it is certainly worth the effort to do our bit to reduce landfill quantity.

This means we allow for mixed waste loads knowing that it will be pulled out and sent to the best place for it.

The Green Waste PortaSkip’s head straight to BioRich meaning it is composted and again diverted from ending up in landfill.

Despite our efforts to keep as much from landfill as possible, the cost of dumping is shifting increasingly higher. This cost is coming from landfill, to the transfer stations and then on to us. So while the high cost is unavoidable, we know we are doing our bit to make sure as much of what we collect doesn’t have to go to landfill.

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